Katoeys – Asian Ladyboys in Society

August 1, 2008

Katoeys are an Asian mainstay especially in Thailand. Most Westerners find the idea of them bizarre and crazy, but if you just take a little shift in culture you’ll find that katoeys play a major role in society and they are not as strange as one may think. If we reverse the gender roles, and shift the environment (such as the United States) in the time of WWII the idea of manly women who dressed and worked at the factory was commonplace. Take a good look at these katoeys pics and you’ll notice they are a very attractive set of ladyboys who are normal just like you and me.

Ladyboy is a term used to describe asian kathoeys or katoeys. It refers to male to female transgender person or feminine gay male in Thailand. Katoeys is used more in Asia although ladyboy is the term in english conversation with Thai people.

Katoeys are quite different from transwomen often used outside Asia. In Thailand and the Philippines third sexes has existed for quite some time and is respected. In fact sex with a ladyboy (or katoeys if you prefer) is not considered gay. In fact it is quite often that Thai katoeys are used for prostitutes. Hardcore sex by males takes place very often in theses countries and rightfully so. . the katoeys are often very sexy. The Thai people feel that they Katoeys are born as a ladyboy, thus very natural.